Friday, March 4, 2016

Sneak Peeks...

Other Half Sara and Hanna are twin sisters who can communicate telepathically, that is until someone attempts to kill Hanna.  With the help of her neighbor, Jack, it is up to Sara to figure out the clues from her sister about who is behind this.  Sara must trace what her sister has been doing for the two years they have been apart.  Now that Hanna's would-be killer is dead, is she truly safe?

Secret's Not in the Sauce - Edan works at an art gallery by day and takes a cooking class by night.  All her life she has had glimpses of someone she believes she is supposed to meet, but they always just miss each other.  When they do finally come face-to-face, that is when her ordinary life gets complicated in ways she never imagined.  Find out what happens as she discovers that nothing is what she thought it was.

Raina - Though they are few in number, the Order of Protectors have made it their mission to protect humankind from the Maldiss Rebellion who caused a centuries old breach between their world and ours.  Raina is a young Protector with an unusual assignment.  Together with her "Uncles", a pair of much older supernatural beings, she must pose as a human in order to protect a teenage girl who might be the answer for their race to return home.

Copyright 2016 by M.C. Kelly. All rights reserved.