Other Half - Part 1

Part 1
 The gunshot rang in my ears.  I expected to feel something.  I looked down and saw no blood, only the gun in my own hand.  He hadn’t even gotten a shot off.

      I had to tell myself to breathe, though what I really meant was, “Wake up!’  That did not work at all.  The dark shape on the floor was not moving, but that did not mean he was dead.  I was not going to be grabbed by the ankles as soon as I decided to step away.  I gave him two more and then bent down slowly, my gun still trained upon him as I picked up the weapon he had used on Hanna.    There was no sense in hurrying now.  He killed her and now he was dead, too.  Somehow the score felt uneven.

      This was a nightmare I didn’t want to have, but could not wake up from.  I didn’t want to go back and see her lying there again.  I searched for a phone instead.

      I did not come to my senses again until I felt someone wrap a blanket around my shoulders.  I pulled it tightly and turned to see who had been so kind, but instead I saw Hanna on a guerney being wheeled toward an ambulance.

      Was she alive?

      I ran toward her screaming her name, but an officer stopped me before the doors closed.  He reminded me that I needed to give a statement and led me to his car.  I couldn’t think.

      Hanna?  Can you hear me?

      I concentrated so hard trying to hear her voice, but nothing came.  Maybe she was dead after all.  It was an eerie feeling to hear only my own voice in my head.  It was a twin thing, only Hanna was much better at it than I was.

      She could do many things I could not.  It was her that shot her murderer.  She could see through my eyes.  She saw him even before I realized he was there and it was she who told me when to pull the trigger.  She saved my life.  This wasn’t something I could tell the police, they wouldn’t understand.  No one did.

I had never felt so alone, unable to talk to her in my head as we had always done.  My other half, my sister…just gone.

Copyright 2011 by M.C. Kelly. All rights reserved.


Susan Gomez said...

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Susan Gomez said...

Criss, This story needs to be finished, before I lose my mind.. The intrigue has gripped me. Consider self-publishing on Smashwords or check out Kindle alternatives. You deserve to make some money of this work.